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iconCredit Consultations

Lavallee Capital’s credit consultation package provides 3 to 12 months of expert guidance to help you boost your credit score. Benefit from an in-depth credit assessment, personalized consultation, and a strategic plan to accelerate score improvement. Address up to 7 negative items on your credit report, and watch your credit profile transform. Elevate your creditworthiness with Lavallee Capital’s tailored approach to credit consulting.


iconLines of Credit

A line of credit gives you the money you need when you want it. It makes the funds you need for your business very accessible and even up to a predetermined limit. It is generally considered a perfect form of financing for boosting cash flow, finding seasonal working capital, finding inventory, materials, and equipment, and funding accounts receivable.


iconStart-Up Loans

Specializing in start-ups means that we say yes when the bank says no. With strategic funding plans we will help you obtain the right funding that’s right for you. You can qualify for Unsecured Loans, Lines of Credit, and Revolving Lines. No business plan required to apply!


iconMCA Solutions

Merchant Cash Advance is one of the quickest and easiest way for any business, small or large, to gain access to additional funds quickly. MCA is not a loan, but rather uses the merchant account credit card sales and balance to provide an advance.

Since MCA is not a loan there is not an interest rate. There is only a small service fee that depends on the amount and an overall risk assessment. Merchant cash advances are very quick to secure, its not uncommon for the entire process, from application to approval, to take less than a day, and many times, only a few hours.


iconTerm Loans

Term loans help build capital, enabling sustainable growth. From starting a small business to financing the growth of the business, loans can provide your business with the right loan with the right term, payment structure, and rate. LaVallee Capital will analyze historical cash flows and determine your ability to repay your obligations as you grow your business.

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